Pocket Fanfare for Wind Ensemble now available

POCKET Fanfare for Wind Ensemble Commissioned by The College of New Jersey Wind Ensemble, Eric Laprade, conductor, is now available for purchase through Murphy Music Press. Duration: 3′ Level: 4 http://murphymusicpress.com/products/w-525  

American music composer and Teacher

Discendi, Amor Santo

Combining the 15th century Bianco Da Siena text Laudi Spiritualis with a single verse from Christina Rossetti’s A Christmas Carol. In the first, the poet invites divine love to descend. In the latter, Rossetti considers the gift of love manifested in the birth of the Christ child. Together, they remind the listener that holy love may come in many forms.

Oseh Shalom

Judith Clurman Rejoice: Honoring the Jewish Spirit Choral Series. This popular song by Debbie Friedman is a beautiful and complex arrangement. Using a clarinet like a shofar and the piano like a klezmer band, this is a worthy piece for any fine choir.