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4/3/20 HIGH WATER RISING: University of Minnesota Wind Ensemble, Betsy McCann, conductor. 3/24/20 HIGH WATER RISING: Cincinnati Conservatory Wind Ensemble, Kevin Holzman, conductor. 3/7/20 HIGH WATER RISING: Lawrence University Wind Ensemble, Matthew Arau, conductor. 2/20 HIGH WATER RISING: Trinity Laban Conservatoire, Andrew Dunn, conductor. (Greenwich, London) 2/22/20 HIGH WATER RISING: Emory University at CBDNA Southern Conference, Barry Kraus, conductor. 11/2/19 CAVEAT: Cincinnati Conservatory Wind Ensemble, Kevin Holzman, conductor. 10/19 POCKET Fanfare for Wind Ensemble: University of Michigan, Courtney Snyder,  conductor. …

American music composer and Teacher

Discendi, Amor Santo

Combining the 15th century Bianco Da Siena text Laudi Spiritualis with a single verse from Christina Rossetti’s A Christmas Carol. In the first, the poet invites divine love to descend. In the latter, Rossetti considers the gift of love manifested in the birth of the Christ child. Together, they remind the listener that holy love may come in many forms.