Sally Lamb McCune American music composer


Described as “contemporary, edgy, descriptive, and extremely soulful,” Sally Lamb McCune has become an important voice American contemporary classical music. Her works, which range from chamber pieces to music for chorus, wind ensemble and opera, are convincing and evocative, often blending the traditional with the avant-garde. McCune lives and works in Ithaca, New York, where she teaches at Ithaca College.

Recent Works & Publications




  • With a driving, Appalachian-style folk melody, wide ranges that show off the mature treble voice, and a full range of dynamic contrasts, "Go Dig My Grave" is sure to be a show stopper.

    - Roger Dean, Publishing Company -
  • It is a joy to include the fine music of Sally Lamb McCune in my choral series at Hal Leonard!

    - Judith Clurman, conductor -
  • Sally Lamb McCune is becoming one of America's leading composers of choral music. This arrangement combining “Materna,” “America the Beautiful” and “Amazing Grace” is a tour de force for any outstanding choir and will certainly become the standard for any patriotic arrangments to follow.

    -Hal Leonard, Mark Foster Series -
  • Sally's music is full of vibrancy and creativity. Her craft is extremely well-honed and her orchestration for the wind ensemble exploits the myriad of colors the medium offers. She hits the sweet spot of developing ideas to their logical conclusion but not past that point. Sally is a true artist.

    -Dr. Cynthia Johnston Turner , Director of Bands, University of Georgia -
  • Sally Lamb McCune's music speaks with engaging clarity and directness.

    -American Academy of Arts and Letters